In an emergency situation, announcements or alerts can be a matter of life and death.

Along with security, fire protection and rescue systems, an integrated mass notification system will communicate safety procedures and warnings at critical moments. Amplifier and speaker design and system control specially designed for industrial environments need to have intelligible delivery even over the adverse noise conditions that occur at large industrial facilities.

We use only the most reliable CSA (Canadian Standards Association) certified components, and build in a level of redundancy so that systems will keep working even if parts of it incur physical damage.


Alerting System Consultation & Design

We work with you to understand the type of emergency notification system your school, business or facility requires. Our engineering team will make sure your project starts the right way, with expert consultation and design services. Our meticulous attention to detail is the key to your perfectly implemented solution.

Specialized Public Address Speakers

Amplifier and speaker design and system control specially designed for industrial environments allow for  intelligible delivery even over the adverse noise conditions that occur in a large industrial complex.  A properly implemented system will reliably deliver pages all day long and be clearly heard for any alert and emergency situations that might occur.

Self Monitoring & Recording

Our systems can been designed and programmed so that all devices are monitored and every page made over the system is recorded and catalogued. System faults are reported to the central control room and categorized based on severity.

Access Control & Security Integration

Facility wide integration of access control, video surveillance, security and fire systems are available part of an emergency response control system.

Situational Awareness & Alerting

We design and implement systems that deliver emergency notifications to virtually any piece of technology – text message notifications, workstation alerts, smartphone and tablet messaging, and digital signage emergency alerts including TVs.

Legacy Integration

In some cases, changes to an alert system must be evaluated against a wide variety of functional, environmental and regulatory requirements to ensure the system meets original requirements while integrating seamlessly with new and legacy systems.

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Colleagues in different locations across the globe can conduct meetings that seem like they’re present in the same room.


Central control of systems across a wide geographical area allows for individuals to be assigned access rights across multiple sites with a single click of the mouse.


Whether it is emergency notification, motion detection, fire alarm, video recording, or event notification, we can provide a solutions designed for maximum flexibility and control.