Prove that your business is forward thinking with this easy, cost-effective way to connect with your customers.

No longer just about providing news and information to your clients, digital signage creates an engaging experience for your audience. Increase revenue from advertising, improve marketing performance, introduce and promote your staff, or educate and influence your clients. Digital signage technology is available to organizations and businesses of all sizes.

In addition to the obvious aesthetic appeal of digital signs, there are many benefits of adopting this technology for restaurants, airports, malls, lobbies, reception areas and more.  Backman Vidcom is a one-stop signage provider in Atlantic Canada for programmable electronic signs, digital display boards, content and certified installation technicians. Whether it is a digital menu board, waiting room advertising, or an interactive videowall or wayfinding system, our tech-savvy team has the solution.


Easy Updates & Maintenance

With just a few clicks, digital signage is updated to change information, offers, ads, or to comply with any changes in legislation. No more hassle with worn or dated sign boards and high printing and shipping costs. You can remotely manage all content to update one – or all – of your signs as often as you like.

Manage from Anywhere

As long as you have an internet connection, you can manage signage for your entire network of digital signs from any location. Additionally, from the comfort of your desk, you can run diagnostics on the system.

Brand Consistency

Discover a new level of quality control. With digital signage for your organization, you don’t have to worry about inconsistencies in graphics or communications, or about staff neglecting to update static poster boards. The signage in all locations will be in sync.

Target to time-of-day

Change the menu automatically depending on audience, day, time, etc. With digital signs, you can automatically schedule your content changes for different times of the day, weekends, or to target different audiences.

Painless Wait Times

Improve customer experience by entertaining them as they wait. In addition to that, you can also present interactive, promotional material on the digital screens in the form of fun facts, trivia, etc. All this value-added content serves to reduce the customers’ perception of wait-times.

News, Sports, Weather & Social Media Enabled

Once you have installed the digital screens, updating content is as simple as posting a photo on social media. Feature news, sports and weather tickers, or resell your own ad space to increase revenue.

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