At the very core of what we do is integration – the connection of technologies to create efficiency, productivity, and optimization.

The world is becoming increasingly connected via the “cloud” and through the explosion of personal devices and remotely accessible objects, today’s increasingly mobile, social and “on-demand” world, require immediate access to timely information that is essential to quickly respond to changing customer needs, widening competitive threats and new market openings.


The Internet of Things is (IOT) is the integration of objects and people to transfer data over a network without the need for human interaction. With centralized computer control of audio and video devices, fire, security cameras, lighting and HVAC, sensor chips in a myriad of “things” can monitor and manage a variety of technologies to provide unprecedented efficiency and convenience. A broader term, the Internet of Everything (IOE), is perhaps a more descriptive term for this revolution that will be affecting us all in the near future.

Business applications for the IoT are bright, however, there are still privacy issues and data protection issues that remain of paramount importance. With a highly knowledgeable team of AV solution architects, Backman Vidcom can provide businesses throughout Atlantic Canada with the latest efficient and effective ways to communicate and work smarter.

Door Access Control Systems

Based on the assigned security level of authorized individuals (i.e. employees, visitors, contractors, etc.), access can be custom defined by time and location of each controlled door using fingerprint and retina scans, door swipes, keyfobs, card readers or access pads.

Video Surveillance Cameras (CCTV)

From small retail stores through to larger commercial, industrial and Government installations, we provide and support many makes and models of CCTV systems and products that use the very latest in high definition IP video security technology, enabling high quality, crisp, clear images.

Access Alarms and Monitoring

We offer local support and 24/7/365 commercial security monitoring service at competitive rates in Atlantic Canada.

Site Security and Notification

Our technology solutions offer instant notification and video analytics integration component displaying real-time event detection and object verification activity in a monitored scene, helping to prevent damage to property or assets.

Enterprise Wide Security Solutions

Central control of systems across a wide geographical area allows for individuals to be assigned access rights across multiple sites with a single click of the mouse.

Audit Trails & Reporting

Systems can be programmed to manage and record an accurate audit trail.

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Our systems prevent potential threats to people, property, business and convenience and supports any emergency event, such as evacuation, shelter in place, lockdown and lockout.


Transform your business with video conferencing and custom control systems to experience the impact of stronger working relationships, cost control and improved productivity.


Whether it is emergency notification, motion detection, fire alarm, video recording, or event notification, we can provide a solutions designed for maximum flexibility and control.