From fully integrated public address systems to video/audio conferencing and interactive walls, we transform classrooms, corporate board rooms, meeting spaces, and industrial facilities throughout Atlantic Canada.

We also understand the importance of effective communication and presentation in the workplace. Our stylish, professional fit-outs help bring people together and create the environment dynamic you desire.

Audiovisual / Multimedia Systems

In a work environment dominated by meetings, many companies have discovered the cost advantages of AV solutions as a replacement to expensive and time-consuming travel. Transform your business with video conferencing and custom control systems to experience the impact of stronger working relationships, cost control and improved productivity.

Collaboration Solutions

Whether you are working from the office, home or on the road, our video conferencing solutions can maximise productivity and minimises costs associated with long distance business travel. Colleagues in different locations across the globe can conduct meetings that seem like they’re present in the same room.

Unified Communications

Our web conferencing, audio conferencing, and video conferencing solutions help simplify and streamline your ability to increase productivity, offer a better customer experience, and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is an advanced technology that can be an easy, yet cost-effective, way to connect with your customers while simultaneously proving that your business is up-to-date and forward thinking.

School AV, Paging and Soundfield Systems

The ability to communicate effectively for general messaging and emergency situations is fast becoming a critical element within our public school systems. Using technology in schools enhances the educational experience for both students and faculty.

Sound Masking

Sound Masking technology protects speech confidentiality and privacy in open office plans, private offices and public spaces through natural or artificial sound to cover up unwanted sound by using auditory masking.


We are reliable, experienced, and welcome inquiries on any sized job.

For 40 years, Backman Vidcom has been a single source, full-service integration company supplying and installing professional AV solutions that fully integrate today’s rapidly changing and evolving technologies for audiovisual systems and products, both large and small.

Industrial Mass Notification

In an industrial setting, people need to be able to hear announcements and alerts clearly – it can be a matter of life and death in an emergency situation. Along with security, fire protection and rescue systems, an integrated mass notification system will communicate safety procedures and warnings at critical moments.

Security Systems / Access Control / CCTV

Using an enterprise-wide network, Backman Vidcom provides tech solutions that can monitor a fully integrated security solution to further enhance your company or building security. Whether it is emergency notification, motion detection, fire alarm, video recording, or event notification, we can provide a solutions designed for maximum flexibility and control.

Emergency Response & Situational Awareness

In an emergency, you need a communications system that enables immediate action and a rapid call for assistance. Our systems prevent potential threats to people, property, business and convenience and supports any emergency event, such as evacuation, shelter in place, lockdown and lockout.

Building Management

We design, program and install computer-based control systems that monitor and manage a variety of technologies over a single network with centralized control of audio and video devices, fire, security cameras, lighting and HVAC for businesses throughout Atlantic Canada.