Systems Integration and Automation

Integration is the process of bringing together the component technologies into one system and ensuring compatibility and that the associated applications perform and function as a coordinated whole. With many large successful projects under our belt, we know what works. Automation brings audiovisual aspects to life and provides a user friendly client interface.


AV Consulting & Design

Whether it is for a design/build project or to develop bid packages for procurement, every successful solution begins with a well-organized, articulate, and comprehensive plan.  We make sure your project starts and ends the right way, with expert consultation and design services that deliver results. Our meticulous attention to detail is the key to your perfectly implemented solution.


Traditional AV Installation

Our expert technicians uphold the highest industry standards, ensuring that every project we install is both fully functional and aesthetically seamless. Whether we work independently or collaborate with architects, interior designers or facility planners, your project installation will proceed exactly as planned. 


Construction Management & Project Management

Whether you are working on a new build or updating an existing system, our design and technical specialists will complete a comprehensive in-house assessment and offer expert advice on your project. We can assist you with everything from writing specifications and preparing budgets to delivering technical plans and drawings. Feel secure in your upcoming project knowing Backman will be there to offer industry leading expertise for any of your technology integration requirements.


Managed AV

Technology is an important part of modern enterprise infrastructure. Whether it is a program designed to provide enhanced support for the internal operational team or a fully outsourced model, Backman offers a comprehensive Managed AV service program to support the following operational areas that involve your organization’s technology:

Technology Strategy

Selecting the correct equipment is vital in meeting the client’s expectations. Each solution is tailored to suit the given budget without any compromise to quality and functionality. There are several ways to achieve the desired result, but it has to be practical, user friendly and scalable. Our logical approach to implementing systems after the design stage is very straightforward and minimises installation time because we know what is being processed at the other end. 

Asset Lifecycle Management & Planning Services

We can record and track your AV assets in a comprehensive database to provide offsite records of all equipment, their ports, protocols, software and firmware revisions, physical locations, and any other pertinent information that could be required in the lifecycle management of the equipment and system. Our asset management program includes license management & tracking, as well as software and setup archival service. We can also provide full lifecycle management and planning for you, including consulting on new trends, future technologies and their applicability to meeting your unique and specific needs. Wherever possible, we conduct our installation with future proofing in mind and track equipment through its lifecycle to maximized your investment and minimize costs associated with replacement, service, or repair. Providing technology moves or removal with disposal or recycling (as appropriate).

Remote Management, Monitoring, & Analytics

Our offsite, proactive monitoring and management of your AV systems include the ability to pre-order consumables (projector filters, bulbs, etc), repair some problems remotely before you know about them, and schedule onsite maintenance or repairs in advance of any “emergency” to give you a uninterrupted experience with better uptime and more responsive care.

Service & Maintenance Programs

It is a common fear; what happens if a critical system goes down? How will you handle the unbudgeted service costs? Our Service & Maintenance programs can help. Structured to provide you with the maximum flexibility to keep your business running and provide support when you need it most. With different support levels to choose from you can feel confident knowing there is an option best suited for your organization and have peace of mind knowing Backman is there when you need us most.


The use of technology is important for any business looking to gain an edge in operational efficiency. It’s our mandate to ensure that end users are comfortable using the technology we deploy to its full extent. We provide initial and recurrent training for our clients allowing them to fully understand the new technology and the benefits that come with it. We provide customized training on all of your integration needs including audio and video conferencing, web conferencing, collaboration and security solutions.

Staffing Augmentation

We sometimes assist our clients with onsite and on-premises technical services, when required. Whether it is to provide a expert technical presence to trouble-shoot at an important board meeting, or a secondment situation associated with a large construction project, our technicians come pre-trained, industry certified, and ready to roll. Best part is that we continue to cover the payroll, benefits, and HR demands.