This is AV 2.0.

Audiovisual technologies are constantly evolving and we make a point to evolve with them.  Backman Vidcom is a next-generation solutions integrator whose strength is identifying solutions and delivering positive business outcomes for our clients, in every type of industry.


As businesses continue to expand their global reach, effective and agile video telepresence and video conferencing will increase communication between employees and partners around the world. We partner with corporations, large and small, to find them the perfect audiovisual solution for their business – a solution that matches their needs, their budgets, and their timelines.

Paging & Notification


From primary schools to colleges and universities, Backman Vidcom offers Audiovisual and Multimedia presentation systems, collaboration solutions, paging and soundfields, mass notification systems and more. We can help to optimize the educational experience and turn any classroom into a global learning space. We focus on delivering high quality audiovisual solutions for your campus while managing to the timeline you need and the budget you’ve set.

Government (RMSO/AVSO)

Government agencies and their partners are under tougher scrutiny than ever to deliver better results at lower costs that reduce technology waste. At the same time, they need to rely on audiovisual technology to conduct their business not only efficiently but with the transparency that their mandate requires. Backman Vidcom delivers both.

Council Chambers

We offer innovative collaboration solutions, including presentation systems and an all-in-one technology that provides a controllable microphone unit to each council member with an optional voting interface and a built-in speaker for improving sound quality. High quality audio is optimized based on room and facility design. Meeting data is captured, organized, and stored for future recordings, teleconferences, or broadcasts.

Financial Services

In an industry where speed of delivery is critical, financial institutions are looking for ways to accelerate decision-making processes, monitor market changes instantaneously, and improve client service. We can help you to introduce new methods of unified communications and collaboration solutions.


Video communications solutions bring healthcare providers closer to their patients and communities through telepresence. Our comprehensive audiovisual management system for simulation-based learning environments with the leading management and performance assessment tools for healthcare education helps manage all aspects of healthcare learning. We also assist with privacy concerns in office spaces with high-tech sound masking, and can enhance building security with a full range of mass notification, building management, and access control solutions.

Digital Displays

Retail & Hospitality

Dynamic displays and digital signage solutions engage customers and enhance their purchasing experience on the shop floor. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, this technology secures enterprise-wide security systems, and real-time collaboration between sales staff and the teams in branch locations, remote warehouses and head office, locally and globally.

House of Worship AV

Places of Worship

Designing an audio-visual system within a worship space or fellowship hall is very specific and unique depending on the needs and worship practices of the congregation along with the acoustical properties and physical layout of the environment. We take a careful and guided approach to designing and implementing specialized multimedia solutions with this in mind.

Legal & Courtrooms

Legal / Courtroom AV

Technology offers the courts practical help with ever-increasing caseloads and decreasing financial resources. Through the use of appropriate, carefully selected, and well-installed technologies, a court may expedite trials and improve the quality of justice while at the same time lowering the cost to both the litigants and the Court.

Industrial / Manufacturing

From a highly regulating energy facility to large industrial manufacturing and processing complexes, we have successfully deployed and commissioned some of the most complex audible and visual signaling, outdoor warning, intercom and public address under some of the most robust conditions. Our clients depend on these systems for emergency response and situational awareness.

Military / Law Enforcement

We have several decades of experience working with the Canadian military and local law enforcement agencies delivering superior audiovisual solutions. From conferencing and training room solutions to customized audiovideo systems for command and control centers operations, briefing rooms, and a wide range of other strategic solutions – we use our expertise, qualifications, discretion, and professional responsibility to deliver high quality systems for these vital public services.

Control Room

Command & Control Rooms, Network Operation Centres (NOCs)

In command and control environments the term “reliability” is called mission critical. Designing, building and integrating technology for today’s modern military command and control rooms has to be done correctly. With high level military personnel making split second decisions that can have serious consequences, it’s imperative that the AV in your command and control room is not only functional but highly efficient. It’s equally important for network teams to analyze, collaborate and react with precision and speed. We take pride in our certifications and deep understanding of control systems and how they can be used for optimization.

Auditorium AV

Theatres / Museums / Galleries / Science Centres

Integrating AV into theatres, museums and galleries has many benefits. Aside from its ability to interactively educate, AV integration allows museum and gallery directors to save money by updating information through visual displays. Whether it’s through 3D projection mapping or interactive digital signage, museums and galleries can capture increasingly tech-savvy generations wanting to engage in hands-on activities, interactive kiosks and educational games.

Museum & Entertainment

Sports & Entertainment

When the image is larger than life and the sound needs to fill a stadium, turn to Backman Vidcom. We offer comprehensive audiovisual solutions for large venues, including stadiums, concert halls, and entertainment venues. We understand the complexities of outdoor and indoor sound and visual quality as well as the challenges that come with these large-scale, complex projects. We engineer, design and install dynamic large-scale audio systems, distributed video, and vibrant digital signage that will excite the crowds at any event.

Think Outside the (AV) Box

We look beyond normal constraints to show what AV really can be —a strategy driver, change agent, and powerful ally in the accomplishment of your organization’s goals.