The videoconferencing unit won’t connect participants. The display won’t turn on. There is no sound coming from the source. And it’s often at the most critical moment. These delays cost time, stress, productivity, and embarrassment. They’re also avoidable.


Who can you call during mission critical moments when your technology systems fail? Our Help Desk is your starting point to address all your A/V technical support needs. Don’t panic. Just call us.

From displays to videoconferencing systems, we have the personnel, training and equipment to provide the highest level of customer service and technical support available. We will walk you through troubleshooting processes, or, depending on the situation, log in remotely to monitor, manage and repair your systems. And if needed, we can have a team deployed to your location promptly.

We manage and track the service process from your initial call through completion and maintain accurate records for future reference, allowing us to serve you even more promptly and efficiently each time you have to call. For immediate client support, submit a ticket here or contact our Help Desk at 902-450-5005.


Service, Maintenance, and Protection Program

A subscription to Backman Vidcom’s Service, Maintenance and Protection Program is the best way to protect the long term use and care of your AV investment. Manufacturers’ warranties don’t go far enough to minimize the continuing cost and operation of your system; our program does. A key element to providing a worry free AV experience for your end users is to conduct regularly scheduled preventative maintenance. With our program, our professional service team will provide quarterly maintenance checks on all Backman Vidcom provided A/V systems.

Some of the features of our program include:

  • Concierge service – initial system assessment report, asset inventory and management, warranty tracking, software & firmware updates.
  • Regular comprehensive system performance checks, preventative maintenance and service visits.
  • Same day, 24 hour response, remote and On-site technical assistance. If we cannot resolve the issue remotely and/or immediately, a technician will be dispatched to the client’s facility for issues assessment and resolution.
  • Accelerated response time and emergency service available.
  • Extended system labour warranties giving clients better peace of mind, assurance and confidence.
  • Bank of labour hours reserved for any additional or unexpected service & support.
  • Periodic training for new users, recurrent training for existing users.
  • Further discounts on additional parts, equipment and labour.


Leasing Options

We understand that a comprehensive enterprise AV system can be a significant investment for any business. In some cases, it makes more sense for organizations to lease equipment rather than buy it outright. Under a leasing arrangement, clients have access to the same solutions, services and technology offered by Backman Vidcom. And they can even cycle in new technology more easily utilizing an ‘evergreen’ program as and when the technology changes every few years. Backman Vidcom will help clients explore all leasing options available ensuring flexible financial terms to make it much easier to adopt a modern AV solution while remaining within budget at all times.


Managed AV – Control, Management, Analytics

Backman Vidcom’s Managed AV platform is a software-de­fined IT solution for audiovisual control, management, monitoring and support for board rooms, conference rooms, training centres, auditoriums, and more. We make these rooms optimized for ease of use, management, and support.

In the past, AV room technology has not always offered the greatest flexibility. With complex configurations, proprietary hardware, and specific programming requirements, the technology was challenging for AV and IT departments to manage and just as challenging for people to use.

Backman Vidcom’s Managed-AV platform, equipped with remote monitoring and help-desk, accomplishes what you want as a business objective – deliver a consistent, easy-to-use interface across all rooms. The platform offers a simple, user-friendly interface with rich functionality and interactive feedback that users can control, and enjoy. It allows you to support your entire deployment with asset tracking, room status, usage reports, analytics and more. With a standardized dashboard to access each technology component the room, our program offers reliability – ensuring that the equipment is there functioning as it should be when your stakeholders need it most. And should they ever encounter a problem, our solution offers a fi­x via the help desk in less than two minutes (on average).


AV-as-a-Service (AVaaS)

What is AV-as-a-Service? In its simplest form, AVaaS is outsourced AV management, service and support from an expert AV company for a reasonable monthly or quarterly payment. The level and amount of services is negotiable, as is the payment. You simply sign an AVaaS contract, and enjoy pain-free AV during the contract duration. With an active AVaaS contract, any and all of our Managed AV/IT Services that are appropriate for your organization are at your disposal. This provides you with Remote Management & Monitoring, Asset Management, Lifecycle Management & Planning, Needs Analysis & Assessment, AV Consulting & Design, Construction & Project Management, Staffing Augmentation and Standard Service & Support. Backman Vidcom’s AVaaS is an umbrella program that incorporates all of the service features we offer to deliver a comprehensive enterprise AV solution for your organization.