Keys to Collaboration Spaces – Here’s Why They Work

Collaboration spaces are here to stay. Shared desks and open workspaces that promote employee creativity by giving them spaces to brainstorm as a group and making working as a team easier are proving to be more and more successful. As an AV Integrator, we can present companies with several options for collaboration technology that will not only enhance their space but give their team the most effective tools for sharing ideas and creating visions.

We consider a lot of things when assisting a client in creating the perfect collaboration space for their employees. These spaces – when developed correctly – foster friendships and camaraderie within the workplace and improve productivity as employees work together to reach common objectives.


Meshing of Personalities

One of the best things about the collaboration of employees is that they all bring different ideas to the table. We know from our own company that having fresh ideas has great advantages when it comes to problem solving. However, these personalities often need different things from a collaboration space in order for them to do their best work. There are a lot of different types of personalities in an office environment and the type of space they need isn’t always the same.

Introverts need the option to have their own space for down time and will need to access group documents and plans in their own independent workspace. Extroverts can live with no walls and thrive where they can be in the hub of work life. That means that creating a network that allows both introverts and extroverts to do their thing is ideal in every office environment. Here are some of the things to consider as you strive to create their perfect mix of open and private spaces.


Using Technology in Collaboration Spaces

The most important thing you will be doing to create the ideal work environment for your employees is setting them up with the most up-to-date technology for their collaboration spaces where everyone can thrive. Creating a space where the technology isn’t intrusive – but perfect for their needs – is a great place to start.


Brainstorming at its best

Consider an area with camp-fire like seating and digital whiteboards. With a whiteboard available, everyone would be able to share information through their own devices which is key to collaboration. Having that type of technology available in a comfortable setting allows for the sharing of ideas that will ultimately benefit the entire company in a relaxed environment that promotes creativity. It’s a win-win situation.


Including the remote worker

The number of remote workers has increased over the last several years. Many organizations have team members that live out of area or even out of the country. Because there are often members of the team that won’t be in the physical space, conference rooms need to have the capability to include telecommuters in the conversation. There are several video conferencing options available as a way to include these employees. Having the perfect setup for all devices to be able to see everything at the same time, is also key. Collaboration technology ensures that everyone is on the same page no matter where they are in the world which should be a very attractive option for companies with remote workers.

When the intent of an office space is to foster collaboration, that space must optimize teamwork, especially in today’s environment of the office with no walls. Telecommuting is the new collaboration space because the office essentially has no walls. Collaborative technology works well in this type of environment, and it can be seamless if all the pieces are in the right place.


Consider the introverts

Not everyone is comfortable sharing their ideas with large groups of people. For a space that is set apart and affords some privacy, there are huddle rooms. These smaller rooms can be fitted with a digital display and can allow about five people to meet and collaborate in a more intimate setting. Connectivity, printer hookup, and plenty of outlets will allow for this to be a comfortable room for mini meetings.


More reasons for collaboration spaces

If you are hesitant (for whatever reason) to create a space where employees can congregate and work as a whole, consider the following benefits of collaboration spaces to help understand the value:

  • Collaboration spaces create an environment of teamwork over a feeling of competition among coworkers
  • Collaboration spaces will prove to be a melting pot of new ideas that may have never developed without the space to share them
  • Collaboration spaces increase the energy in the company by serving as a place where employees can become excited about new ideas and working with others
  • The team atmosphere created by a collaboration space will increase morale and decrease the amount of stress and incidents of depression in employees by giving them the opportunity to build friendships and share ideas

There’s no doubt that a lot of companies are looking for new ways to increase employee productivity and creativity. Collaboration spaces are key in order for this kind of teamwork and idea sharing to take place. The available technology to assist organizations only adds value to these spaces.

To learn more about how collaboration space and technology can help your organization reach its business objectives, contact us today.

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