The Hybrid Classroom Solution



Designed to make things simple and easy for the instructor

With Edu-BLEND, students can effectively stay connected to their classroom should they need to self-isolate at home or if the physical classroom cannot accommodate social distancing for all students. Teachers simply continue to teach the way they normally do at the front of the classroom. A camera and microphone follow the teacher in the room creating a more natural user experience for students who are participating remotely. At the push of a button, a teacher can share content from a computer to all students.

Edu-BLEND‘s simplicity and ease of operation enable instructors to use the room without compromising their individual teaching styles.

Free from the rigidity of complex hardware systems, Edu-BLEND is flexible and can be deployed in a vast range of spaces. Even non-experts can set up the system in just a few minutes. And because the system is already
preconfigured, it is ready for immediate use. It’s plug and play simplicity at its finest.

A simple, safe and scalable way to combine distance learning with traditional classroom instruction

Simplicity & Ease-of-Use:

  • Teachers conduct lessons as they normally do at the front of the classroom.
  • Technology is simply “plug-and-play”. Connect one cable to device and simply start teaching.
  • The display allows instructors to see, hear and address remote students while teaching to a local classroom.
  • Integrates with any platform used by the teacher and students (Zoom, Google, Teams, Blackboard, etc.).

System Features:

  • High quality audio and video components for a much better user experience.
  • Fixed or portable setup that can easily be moved from one room to another
  • Easy and efficient set-up without any disruptions
  • Allows instructors to use existing teaching aids like Mimio while teaching to students online
  • Universally compatible equipment



Combining remote learning with the traditional classroom

Adopting hybrid learning technology is becoming essential for educators to meet the needs of today’s learning environments amid the pandemic.

Converting the traditional classroom to accommodate distance learning can be a challenge both financially and logistically. That’s why Backman Vidcom’s Edu-BLEND classroom technology solution offers an affordable, scalable, easy-to-implement way of bringing a unified communications platform to almost any space, even ones without any existing AV infrastructure.

Our technology brings flexibility to the classroom. That means no disruption for students or faculty, because there’s almost no learning curve. From day one, our solution allows instructors to focus on teaching
rather than technology.


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