Redefining The Classroom

From primary schools to university campuses, the global pandemic shutdown tested our ability to shift educational approaches and adapt to unknown variables. As a result, the ability to change how we deliver learning—even dynamically shifting between models—is becoming part of the standard operating procedure, extending well beyond the end of COVID-19


In this guide, we’ll share insights and resources from certified, PSNI Global Alliance integrators, partners, and other industry leaders to help you find and assess technologies that will create a safe and effective learning environment and enable rapid and frequent changes to your delivery model.

  • Solutions available to implement in-person learning with an emphasis on safety
  • Steps for a hybrid learning environment including  capturing, transmitting and recording  content and ensure the audio and video is sent where it’s needed.
  • Remote and virtual learning solutions that  focus on improved access and quality
  • Ideas on how to get the most out of a technology investment including  integrating  with existing systems when possible

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