MimioPad – A Useful Tool for Teachers during a Pandemic

In this time of social-distancing and remote-learning, many teachers are searching for innovative ways to address the changing classroom environments. Even for schools that are meeting in person, many of the hands-on lesson plans that teachers might have previously utilized are incredibly challenging under distancing and cleanliness guidelines.

The MimioPad wireless tablet allows teachers and students to collaborate using an interactive whiteboard while walking around the room up to 30 feet away from the classroom computer. The cost-effective MimioPad tablet works with a slim pen stylus powered by a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery and included MimioStudio software.  The award-winning MimioPad tablet gives you more ways to encourage class participation.



  • Wireless operation with included receiver
  • Works right out of the box, with no set-up required. It’s plug-and-play simplicity.
  • Long-range operation—works up to 30 feet (10 meters) from the computer
  • Frees teachers to move about, so they can help individual students and manage the classroom more effectively.
  • Slim and lightweight.
  • Connect multiple MimioPad tablets to a single computer to enable multi-student collaboration
  • Easy-to-read LCD display shows number of connected pads along with pen, battery, and connection status
  • Easy battery charging via the included USB computer cable (battery life is an amazing 16 hours!)
  • Control your MimioStudio™ lesson on the front-of-the-room display – from anywhere in the classroom. What’s more, students can collaborate right from their desks.


MimioPad brochure


What’s in the Box?

Wireless pen tablet, lithium-ion battery, stylus with lanyard, USB cable, replacement pen cap, MimioStudio hardware license, and shortcut reference card. MimioHub™ wireless receiver available separately.


For pricing, to purchase, or to learn more, contact info@bvcl.ca or call 902.450.5005



Teacher Testimonials


“The MimioPad allows me to move about my math classroom freely so I can help students from their desks. With COVID restrictions as a Jr High teacher, I have to change classes and can take the MimioPad into any classroom. The MimioPad is so versatile and easy to use, I cannot recommend it enough!”
– Jodie (Grade 9 math teacher)


“When online learning happened, my MimioPad was like magic. I used it at home to create virtual lessons for my students. It would have been a lot of work to deliver my math lessons without my MimioPad.”
– Danielle (Grade 10 math teacher)


“The MimioPad has made it easier for students to show their classmates their work without walking up to the whiteboard. Mimiopad has been a fantastic and useful addition to my classroom!”
– Crystal (Grade 8 math teacher)





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